You’ll Soon Have Multi-user Support On Your Android Phone If This Is Anything To Go By

Android robot

Probably not something many of you have thought about on your smartphones, but multi-user support on smartphones could be quite something. You know, an actual guest-mode natively. Currently we only have Android tablets capable of doing that, something that makes it easy for the family tablet to be used across members without people necessarily sharing data.

Now this could also be coming to Android L if this Android Issue tracker is anything to go by. Now Android Beat has spotted this issue tracker that has a user asking about the feature. A response from the Google team indicates that multi-user is indeed factored in in the next build of Android which is yet to be released to the public in devices after being showcased at Google I/O.

Android L is expected to make it’s debut later in the year on a Google Nexus device and later on in the first adopters among Android OEMS like Samsung, LG and HTC. The statement does not exactly count as an official confirmation but by virtue of it being there it could mean an almost guaranteed probability of 1. If this came then guest mode from OEMS would cease being a selling point as users can then proceed to create separate user accounts for children to play with when they get around them, without compromising their data or NSFW content getting to wrong hands.

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