LG to launch G Watch 2 at IFA next month says new report


LG G Watch

Looks like as far as learning from Samsung is concerned, LG is learning really fast. From kickass devices this year to joining the smartwatch race and now quickly following it up with a sequel before the dust on the first generation of Android Wear powered devices settles. If word from the Korean Times’ sources is to be believed, the IFA in Berlin won’t just be an event where LG is showcasing its curved IPS display televeisons but also where it will show off the successor to its first smartwatch, the LG G Watch 2.

Just like Samsung did with a quick succession of its Gear devices that made it make significant advancements to what is still a niche product hell bent on going mainstream, LG is apparently set to go that route. That makes sense though since the current crop of Android Wear devices hasn’t been a reviewer favourite thanks to design flaws in their charging gear and not so good battery life when compared to competitors like pebble or Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear lineup. LG’s current G Watch has an LCD display which is not so kind to battery life since the whole displa is “live/awake” when display certain watch faces that don’t require all pixels to be ushed. This is in stark contrast to what OLED displays like the Super AMOLED used on Samsung’s Gear Live are famed for. LG is said to be going the OLED route on the G Watch’s sequel. A better battery (capacity-wise so let’s say bigger though I don’t know how that work out on a tiny device) is one of the expected specs as well.


via 9to5Google