BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker By Olixar Is A Perfect Office Companion

BoomBrick Samsung

BoomBrick Samsung I got this BoomBrick Bluetooth speaker by Olixar shipped to me by the awesome guys at MobileFun. This is some days ago and I have come to get used to this speaker. Actually this would be my first attempt at a desktop speaker in a very long time. I have only good things to tell after some weeks with it. Now Mobilefun shipped the speaker to me in 3 days tops from Birmingham, UK. BoomBrick

Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect of the BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker by Olixar:

It’s a Brick as the name says, basically it’s the shape and size of a brick, but doesn’t share the weight, it’s way lighter. In the box you get the speaker, 3.5 mm AUX cable, microUSB cable for charging and the documentation.BoomBrick

The speaker looks beautiful and is available in matte black. The finish feels velvet smooth and the general shape of the speaker is just like a brick. Controls are at the top and the ports in the rear. The controls include forward, previous, volume up and volume down, and the power button which functions also as the call receive button and the play button. the bottom has some rubber feet to get it to stay at one place on the desk.

Setting it up

Now how to set it up is very easy. Power the thing up and it automatically fires up Bluetooth. From your phone, search for Boom Brick and connect, it will be paired with no extra action from the speaker, and we are connected. From there on, as long as Bluetooth is on in the phone the speaker will connect and you can play music from the box. Also as long as the music app is open, you won’t need to unlock the phone, press play and you’re enjoying music.

Usage data you need to know

The box says the 1200 mAh battery will give you 8 hours of playback and require 3 hours charging, that’s correct. The average work day is eight hours. I love rechargeable batteries. And that’s how I moved from listening to music from earphones to having a desk speaker. Of course you won’t do this in a shared office, so the earphones still have an advantage over this one from that angle.

You can actually fit this in your backpack should you want to get the experience both in the office and ad the side of the bed. Did I mention that the speaker makes me become a podcast disciple? Yes it does that to you when you find some awesome podcasts to listen to while in bed. Dimensions for the speaker are 180 x 65 x 48 mm.

The audio is quite great with the two 3 watt speaker that bring out some quite good bass levels for an office. It can actually power a room with some un-intrusive music. You know the kind of sound you can actually work with in the background? Remember to make a good choice of music.

How to get it

The  BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker costs some $50.99 and ships to tens of international destinations, that includes Kenya where I’m piecing this from with an option of DHL Global Mail, DHL Express and Royal Mail among others, see here for other options, information you need to know and if you are covered. See below other images of the speaker in a gallery. Click to view and scroll large photo gallery.


  1. Just wondering how much you paid fro taxes on this. I have been shipping some stuff for some time now but i find the taxes a bit ridiculous.

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