Practical Features On Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Motion Control

Samsung Tab S Motion Control

samsung tab s motionOutside of having the best display on a tablet so far, the Galaxy Tab S goes further to add features that are quite useful in the day to day use of a tablet. Here’s where I remind you that Samsung specifically aimed the Galaxy Tab S for the media consumption user. You know; videos, games, reading magazines books and social media. Not that it cannot do productivity, it can do that quite well, but that and more in other posts in the future. Today we discuss why you should care that the Galaxy Tab S has motion controls on board.

What motion controls does it have?
Samsung Tab S Motion Control
We have Mute/Pause and Palm Swipe to capture. These are not new features if you have come across the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Tab S being a media consumption device, you will find it quite convenient being able to just place your palm on the screen when a video is playing. It’s quite an intuitive and natural move, only that it’s not natural to the average tablet. Say if someone called you in the middle of watching a movie, what’s easier, locating the pause button or just placing your hand on the screen? This is on top of Smart pause, the feature that allows you to pause a video by looking away and resuming when you look back on the screen.

Now palm swipe to capture does not come as natural as placing the hand on the screen, but is also convenient. This you do when you want to take a screenshot of whatever screen you are on. Once in a while you will find yourself moving things around the screen, but most of the time the motion works well. Of course for these two you will need to turn on the toggles from within Settings > Device > Controls > Motions and check the necessary options.