L for Lion: Next version of Android could be called Lion!


Nestle Lion - Android Lion

This doesn’t sound true but for the sheer record, it is here. Take your pinch of salt.

According to purported screen grabs of the next Nexus device from Google, a certain Nexus 5 (2014), the next version of Android that has been out for testing for a while now since its unveiling at I/O 2014 as Android L will finally be known as Android Lion. And yes it will be version 5. That is according to the same sources who have in the process revealed specifications of the purpoted refreshed Nexus smartphone.

Yes newer non-point releases of Android are usually named after those fancy deserts and what have you so this won’t be different. Apparently the same Google engineers who really love KitKat bars that they had to name an entire version of an operating system after it are also at it again. They’ll be sticking with another Nestle (or Hersheys depending on where you are) brand for the next version of Android. Lion.

While this does make some sense to an extent, I want to think of it as a bad rumour. Apple has that Lion thing going on with Mac OS and while this one will simply be another relationship with Nestle after a successful branding affair that was KitKat, why would Google just stick with the same company again? Also, the Lion brand… We’ve heard of names like Lollipop and Lime Meringue Pie (whatever that is) pop up more often but we can only wait. Probably Lion it will be.


Source: PA