KitKat Accounts For Almost A Quarter Of Android Devices, Jelly Bean Dominant At Over 50% In latest Android Distribution Figures


The latest stats on what flavours of Android that are being used around the world are in and they are exciting!

android data 1

Finally KitKat is making a mark as it nears 25% of all Android devices. The exciting bit is that combined with Jelly Bean, the two most recent flavours of Android now account for over three quarters of all devices running Google’s mobile operating system out there.

In all, Android 4 accounts for almost 90% of all Android devices. 4 year old Froyo is on its way out as it has negligible share of the pie. Gingerbread stubbornly accounts for 11.4% of all Android devices. Honeycomb is officially off the charts.

More and more devices being launched are coming with Android 4.4.x KitKat and this explains the version’s steady rise of the last couple of months. Also, more and more older devices are getting updated to KitKat so that number can only grow before Android L leaves its preview phase and joins the rest.


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