Indian Company Epica Launches Glasses-free 3D TV At #GITEX 2014


Jeemon Pulley EpicaWe have seen 3D for quite a long time and it’s quite a hit in the entertainment industry, especially the big screen. But this relies quite a huge bit on glasses to act as the lens to create the 3D image to the naked eye. 3D TV is not exactly cool with the need for glasses all the time, it gets boring, but glassless 3D is a fancy thing all together that might evoke interest beyond the big screen and into the home or office.

Epica, a company headquartered in India, now get’s into the glass-less TV industry with an all round solution. You realize that hardware enough is not quite enough to get selling 3D tvs, something that has for sometime been left for the big screen. Epica goes beyond selling the box. They are also a content producer, the whole hog, they have a studio in Kerala, India where they develop content ranging from animations to conversion of 2D content to 3D content.

According to Jeemon Pulley, Managing Director at Epica, the company launches the 3D TVs here at GITEX in Dubai for the first time. “In two months we will have the product in the market with initial target to hit at least 8 markets, among them UK, Singapore, UAE and India. But we also intend to go globally. Currently we are producing 3D content for our TVs and we also produce our own hardware for the TVs,” said Jeemon.

The company is in partnership with Dimenco of Netherlands where they license the patented glass-less 3D technology they use in the TVs. The company targets both consumers and enterprises with their products as they are able to come up with whole solutions even digital signage.

Quality of the image is such that the viewer angles are quite wide with impressive finish. Kai Lang, the VP Business Development for Asia at Dimenco says they have developed the lens and system that powers the great visual enabling a viewer to move across the screen while still maintaining the clear 3D visual as the technology in use ensures a viewer doesn’t lose focus even if they moved from one side of the room to the next.

At the moment the TVs just launched, but the product team says they will hit the market in two months, so you might be able to catch 3D content from December on a TV without needing glasses. Price for the TVs hasn’t been fixed yet as this will involve marketing and distribution to get the go to market price. However, Jeemon mentioned to me that the prices could be double that of the average TV so that could get you started on where this could play around. The TVs will be available in sizes starting from 39 inch all the way to 110 inches.

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