Flipboard comes to the web


Flipboard comes to the web

It’s been the king of mobile news delivery since it debuted on the Apple iPad back in 2010 with focus on making news delivery more social, fun and immersive and today it is now available on the web. All you need is your browser loading flipboard.com and you’re good to pick up reading that business article you were reading on your smartphone or tablet earlier on and so much more.

Forget the flipping pages on Flipboard’s mobile apps, users will navigate content on the web interface by scrolling.

Flipboard having a web interface makes the popular news application come full circle as it has already made inroads in Android, established itself on Apple’s iOS platform and was cheered on by Windows Phone users as it debuted on that platform late last year after having been available to Windows 8.1 users on Microsoft’s Windows Store for sometime.

Coming to the web also means that now more than ever before, more and more users will be exposed to the application and this means one thing: growth. Flipboard crossed the 90 million user mark two years ago and its next milestone target was set at 150 million by the end of last year with about 250,000 new users said to be signing up for the service daily.