Top 5 Picks at Mobile World Congress 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge black

The 2015 Mobile World Congress came to an end yesterday in Barcelona Spain. Different companies were able to showcase different technologies  likely to define the future and launch their signature products for the next calendar year. This year’s MWC had companies ranging from Samsung, Cisco, Qualcomm, LG electronics, Huawei and Blackberry present. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also delivered a keynote speech.

Here at Techweez we keenly watched the Trends and here are our five favorite devices from the MWC. PS: it includes a bonus.

The Samsung Galaxy S6

galaxy s6 2
Samsung went all in for the Galaxy S6, the reserved design is no more for their flagship, and even though this came at a trade-off, they really outdid themselves. The Galaxy S6 ditched the plastics and adopted the more sleeker glass and metal casing. The device which goes on sale in April also adopted next generation fingerprint sensor technology and an infrared heart monitor.  The device will ship with several applications developed by Microsoft pre-installed.  In a move seen to counter Apple, the S6 comes equipped with Samsung Pay, its new payment platform.

Lenovo Pocket Projector

Lenovo Pocket Projector
Imagine turning your phone into the size of a big-screen TV! The Lenovo Pocket Projector allows you to do just that by streaming video from a phone to a wall or other surfaces. The 4 inches long and wide, and an inch thick device has two inbuilt speakers and battery that to last 2.5 hours (Thats an entire movie). The devices uses a microUSB or wireless. for just $250, you can get this in may.

The BlackBerrys

The Blackberry Slider

Blackberry announed three devices that include the low end Blackberry Leap, the Weird Blackberry Slider and the high end upgrade of the Blackberry Porsche.  The three devices are set to launch this year and are an attempt by Blackberry at recapturing the market.  The Blackberry Leap is a successor of the Blackberry Z3 which was targeted at the emerging markets. While the Slider looks like an upgrade of the quite popular Blackberry Torch with its dual curve, all touch display with a slide out keyboard.

LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane
Wearables continue to experience an explosion especially with the watches which include the iWatch, the Gears launched by Samsung and the very not appealing Huawei watch.  Well LG decided to venture into this space by giving us its first smartwatch. The watch uses 4G LTE giving the user ability to make calls and recieve sms without necessarily tethering the device to their smartphone. How cool! LG thinks of their watch as a walkie-talkie with “Unlimited range to talk”  The watch is aesthetically appealing and may compete with the iwatch.


IKEA wireless charging furniture

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture
The internet of things are the next platform of growth and this can be seen with the immense research and development focused towards the delivery of technologies in this space. The IKEA wireless charging furniture is developed by the Swedish furniture maker that includes lamps and desks embedded with wireless charging technology which then transfers energy from a pad to a coil embedded on a smartphone.

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