Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Agency Website Hacked By Indonesian Hackers

Anticounterfeit agency website hacked

The Kenya Anti-counterfeit Agency website is compromised. The website currently shows a black screen with a message “Hacked by Maniak K4sur #indonesianhacker”, that and the near standard background music. The favicon and title have been changed too.

On checking the code, the hacked has disabled right-click function, so view source is not possible, but inspect element via tool-tip key shows an index file compromise and an insertion of a javascript code, HTML and a flash file that plays the music. We are not sure the intention of the hacker though but as it’s a government agency websiteit could mean anything from proving their skill or something more business like sabotage.


Meanwhile, you can sample Indonesian music by heading there before they clear things up. My guess is that’s gonna take a few hours till tomorrow. The site is hosted by KenyaWeb.

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