Samsung Targets Booming Property Market With New Air Conditioning System

DVM S Air Conditioning
 DVMS launch Kenya
Kenya is currently experiencing a boom in the Construction industry with  both residential and commercial buildings coming up. The boom in the real estate market has led to demand for smarter solutions in buildings including air conditioners.
Samsung has launched into the Kenya market a new range of air conditioning system called the DVM-S VRF system targeted at larger commercial applications such as hotels. The air conditioner is the 3rd generation, high performing unit that consumers lesser energy while occupying lesser space.  The DVM-S range is offered as a 2-pipe heat-pump system or a 3-pipe heat-recovery system. The dual smart inverter has two compressors that operate simultaneously, providing balanced oil distribution and therefore quick cooling and heating, which in turn results in better energy efficiency and hence lower energy spends.
Speaking during the event Samsung East and Central Africa COO Robert Ngeru  said the introduction of the Air conditioning was timely and offers Samsung the unique position to compete competitively in the space. “The product we are launching today is in line with our Built for Africa Theme. We keenly analyzed the market and delivered a product tailor made for this space”, he added. The new Air Conditioning system comes with an extra coating to the outdoor unit which prevents corrosion as well as more oil to the compressor to reduce overheating. The product also considered the electricity consumption in the country and works in the range of 130-190 volts.
DVM S Air Conditioning
The Air conditioning system come fully equipped with a remote management system that allows one to adjust the system over Wi-fi. Troubleshooting can also be performed remotely.  Samsung has also partnered with Technical University of Kenya to train engineers specifically on dealing with Air conditioning. In addition, Samsung runs an academy in Westlands where they train 200 students annually on servicing of electronic products in addition to technical training.
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