Nokia To Pay $16.6 billion For Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia Alcatel

alcatel lucent nokia nsn mergerNokia could soon be the largest telecommunications company in the world ahead of Ericsson and Huawei after purchasing its rival Alcatel-Lucent in an all-share deal. The new deal will propel Nokia second with a  global market share of 35 percent, behind Sweden’s Ericsson with 40 percent and ahead of Huawei’s 20 percent.  The company will have a total of 114,000 employees and combined sales of around 26 billion euros.

Nokia will give  French company Alcatel-Lucent shareholders 0.55 shares in the combined company for each of their old shares, resulting in 33.5 percent of the entity being in Alcatel shareholders.  The deal will be finalised in the first half of 2016. Nokia also acquired Alcatel-Lucent’s famous Bell Laboratories (established by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880) along with its numerous patents.

Separately Nokia is planning to sell its maps unit  HERE with Uber being one of he prospective buyers.


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  1. Last I checked the Nokia boss said their software platform was burning and they afterwards adopted the windows thing to compete with iOS and Android after Symbia proved unworthy to compete…i would say this is a good move if they are aiming at retaining the strength of hardware production since we all agree Nokia’s phone hardware is the best thing after Musa Juma’s songs. and Btw who bought Alcatel, Nokia or Microsoft?

    • RE: Nokia boss, you mean Elop who was sent to Nokia to prepare the acquisition then go back to Microsoft? That said, Microsoft is clear of Nokia, the one headquartered in Espoo, Finland. That’s the one which bought Alcatel Lucent to solidify networks front, they are also coming back to smarthones and tablets.

  2. I wonder if this deal with Nokia will enable Alcatel-Lucent
    to grow in other areas too. Their webinar next week should give us plenty of
    answers! Peter Johnson (Utility Markets Vice President) and Dominique Verhulst
    (IP Business EMEA Vertical Markets Director) are presenting so should be very
    interesting to hear their views!

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