Invites No Longer Needed To Buy One Plus One


Billed as the “flagship killer” when it launched last year, the One Plus One showed a lot of promise right from its first day. Only for such a capable device to be slowed down by the distribution model the young company chose: an invite system. That meant a lot of the enthusiasts who would’ve loved to lay their hands on flagship-class Android hardware at half the price had to wait to be invited by the lucky few who managed to win invites to buy the device. Why would I have to be invited to spend my money? Many quipped. Things have gotten better over the last few months but today, on the device’s first anniversary, One Plus has announced that sales for the One are open for all without the need for an invite.

one plus ends one invites

Don’t get too excited though. The One Plus Two, expected to be available from Q3 will still be sold using the invite system but One Plus promises to make things better as they have had a lot to learn from the One’s fiasco. They are still a startup so we shouldn’t expect them to ramp their production and distribution as fast as we would want.

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