Safaricom Issues Statement on SMS, M-Pesa Disruption

mpesa outage

For the better part of the day,  M-pesa and SMS services were facing a major outage that involved delay in sending and delivery of SMS as well as confirmation of M-pesa transactions that takes place through SMS.

Safaricom has issued a statement on the same through its new Director of  Corporate Affairs Stephen Chege explaining that the outage was as a result of an issue with its Core Network which began at 5:00 am.  Safaricom is working on resolving the issue and is advising subscribers not to make the transaction twice if they do not receive the M-pesa notification.

Safaricom has for the better part of the day received backlash from users on various social media platforms with some blaming it on the shifting of M-pesa servers from Germany to Kenya. Now you know.





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