18% of UK Citizens Think Broadband Is A Key Election Issue

UK Election

UK ElectionThe United Kingdom election are coming up and among the key issues in the elections include the economy, immigration, healthcare and exit from the European Union. However, a fifth of the UK Citizens feel that  broadband is a key election issue and apparently it’s a consideration that could affect the way some  citizens vote in the General Election.

A poll conducted by Cable.co.uk on 2,500 UK citizens found that 18 per cent said broadband policy is a key issue. UK voters want a legal minimum broadband speed  baseline of 32Mbps. 5 per cent of those surveyed even thought the minimum legal speed should be 100Mbps. The UK government’s current pledge is that everyone in the UK will be able to get at least 2Mbps come early 2016.

Despite the survey showing the  importance that broadband has among United Kingdom’s citizens,  no party included it in their manifesto.