Galaxy Note II not getting Lollipop after all

Galaxy Note II Pink

Galaxy Note III

Early this year, we brought you news that Samsung was considering updating the aged Galaxy Note II to the latest Android Lollipop. Looks like we were just pumping up your hopes for nothing. Samsung may not be updating the said device after all.

According to a comment by Samsung Gulf on their Facebook page responding to a query by a Galaxy Note II user, the company does not have any plans to roll out Android 5 for the 2012 flagship smartphone.

We are not complaining though. The Note II has been around for a while and has since been ably replaced by the Note 3 and now the Note 4. Our experience with Lollipop on the Note 3 has been sour and that device being more recent than the Note 2 with its Exynos 4 chip, Android 5 would likely have been a disaster. Probably some internal testing showed this and some other things we may not be aware of leading to the shelving of any such plans. The KitKat update on the Galaxy S III never went smoothly and it looks like someone learnt things the hard way.


Via SamMobile