Getty Images Will Pay Instagram Users To Take Photos


Instagram emojisOur usage of popular photo sharing service is limited to information about ourselves. Places we have been, food we have eaten or moments with our family. A few people have been able to monetize their instagram presence through targeted campaigns,  announce new products, sell your own photos, and some with millions of users such as @NewYorkCity becoming brand ambassadors.

If you are of the millions of Instagram users yet to monetize your presence on the service, Getty images has a plan for you. Getty Images is working on a campaign to help document underrepresented communities. The campaign dubbed the inaugural Getty Images Instagram Grant, will award three grants of $10,000 each to finance the project. The winners of the grant will receive mentorship from Getty images photographers on how to take better photos

Applicants should submit their photos before the 4th of June , through judging will be based on the work presented through their instagram account hence the need to create a portfolio for any prospective applicants. Entrants will also submit a brief description of their approach with the images. If you think you have what it takes, go for it.

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