Chrome Extension Puts Tabs To Sleep, Prevents Aw-Snap! Moments


Chrome ExtensionMost Google Chrome users will admit that the browser is snappy. Its a memory hog, gobbles up your battery and is fairly unstable. You have 15 tabs open ready to start your reading and Chrome disapproves of your decision by first slowing down before deciding to crash.

A new Chrome extension is out to fix this problem by letting you suspend any tabs you are not using to sleep anywhere between 20 seconds to three days. Dubbed The Great Suspender, a user can open up to 30 tabs in the background without risking slowing down their computer and still access those tabs at any given point within the stipulated time period. To get the page back, users simply click on the suspended tab. One can also add any websites to a whitelist which exempts them from suspension at any one point. Tabs you haven’t used in a while, depending on the time period you set, will turn blue and read “Tab suspended. Click to reload.”

One also has the option of customizing the suspension to either manual or automatic. In addition, one can tweak to only suspend tabs when connected to the Internet or if running on battery power.  The extension should make your browser experience much more ideal unlike the case for most Chrome users. Chrome users should love this extension.


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