Microsoft Building a New Email/Chat App called Flow

Flow by Microsoft

Flow by MicrosoftMicrosoft is building a new email application for mobile called Flow. Flow will allow individuals to hold email conversations on your phone with the people who are important to you. Flow is set to work adjunct to Microsoft’s Outlook email account.  Users of flow can use it interchangeably to participate in the same conversations with anyone with an email address and all the conversations will be outlook. This we believe will work as Hangouts works with gmail. 

Flow will also not have any subject lines, salutations or signature with most of the conversations taking place first and in real time.  Flow sounds a lot more like Google hangouts or Microsoft’s other product skype Qik. Skype Qik was released last year by Microsoft with the aim of delivering lightweight and convenient SMS and Instant message conversations to users.  The video chat app is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone.   All that was required to communicate via Qik is a mobile phone number. Flow may thus serve as a complement to the Skype Qik service. Last year, Microsoft acquired Acompli,  and used the platform to launch Outlook’s mobile applications. Flow will initially be available on iPhone before moving to other platforms such as Android and windows.

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