Twitter Adds Expanded Interface To Search Results


In a bid to improve user experience, Twitter has added an interface to user search results on its micro blogging site  web version that allows the user to easily filter tweets.  The new update also allows the user to sort results based on top tweets, live tweets, accounts, photos, videos, news and more.

Twitter InterfaceThe search interface has been under testing since April and was initially available to a select number of users before rolling out to all users. It also highlights important tweets, images and accounts related to the users search queries. It also has an advanced search option that allows the user to filter based on date, location, ask a question.

search resultsThe advanced search option — which lets you filter tweets by location, date range and whether they’re positive, negative or asking a question.

Twitter has been working to improve the service offering to its users which has included the group direct messages, shooting and sharing short videos directly from Twitter’s mobile applications and recently, the ability to quote tweets by attaching them. Now it is making it easier for all users to communicate privately with each other regardless of whether they are following each other or not.

Twitter also has  new feature called Highlights in an attempt to draw people who do not want to spend the entire day refreshing their feeds. Highlights curates -once in the morning and once in the evening—about a dozen of the tweets it deems the most interesting and packages them into a personalized digest. Highlights uses an algorithm like the one that guides the Facebook’s news feed or what Facebook tried implementing with Facebook Home.

Twitter also added instant timeline feature  in January that automatically builds Twitter feeds for new users who agree to give it access to their smartphone contact lists. Twitter also added “While you were away” feature that push a handful of the most popular tweets you missed to the top of your feed when you log in.

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