Mr. Robot, The TV Show Geeks Will Love To Love

Mr. Robot

Mr. RobotYes. We are in Love with a TV show. So much so, that hardly a day goes by without anyone at the Techweez offices giving it a mention. For the longest time, TV has had problems in bringing content that appeals to the geeks and techies of the world. A few TV shows have successfully showing the real side of things and these include Silicon Valley and Big Bang Theory. Some, have been miserable. Scorpion was absolutely abysmal while Person of Interest came close but somewhere lost the track.

Enter Mr. Robot

The show is based on the story of Elliot (Rami Malek), a cyber-security employee with a fondness for hoodies, recreational drug use and who uses his internet skills  to hack into people’s personal accounts to expose their hidden crimes.  Elliot’s life is made difficult by the fact that he suffers from an anti-social disorder, which limits his interaction with the world around him. In fact, he sees a therapist quite often but he has managed to hack e-mail and social media accounts of a therapist ultimately giving him more authority over her. This behavior is occasioned by paranoia and the disorder. All is fine, till one night a major client is hacked and Elliot averts the situation. These events culminate in him meeting Mr. Robot and ultimately making the hack of his life.

What we love most about the show is the surreal portrayal of hacking  and the happenings of a would be cyber security firm or any IT company in times of a crisis. We also love the fact that most of the characters are like-able and seem to understand what being a geek is all about. In addition, the story telling element by Elliot is something to marvel about. The last time such an element of story telling was used, we ended up with The GoodFellas.   The show’s creator and executive producer Sam Esmail, is a former coder who incidentally shares the same feelings as us with regards to how TV shows and movies portray hacking and code. The show has been able to catch the attention of the internet since the premier of the pilot besides. We hope it keeps the buzz once it premieres on June 24th.

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