Fighting Sexual Violence, A Profile Picture At A Time

#konurtala #þöggun #outloud

#konurtala #þöggun #outloudA Social media campaign that begun in Iceland is quickly gaining traction and support globally. The campaign aims at tackling the silence and stigma around sexual violence and abuse with a simple but effective visual cue: women changing their pictures on social media pages to one of the above two images to show how widespread the problem of sexual violence is.

The orange picture shows that you have experienced sexual violence yourself, and the yellow one means that you personally know and support victims of sexual harassment and assault. Some of the users are using a mash of both images together in a show of support for the campaign. The campaign originated from a Facebook Group called Beauty Tips that primarily offers advice on health and cosmetics. One of the members asked If any of them had experienced sexual violence prompting many members to share their stories. To further raise awareness on the campaign, the hashtags:#konurtala (“women speak”) #þöggun (“silenced”)  In Iceland and #outloud in the rest of the World are being used.

For the longest time, Social Media platforms have been used to attack, ridicule and mock victims of sexual violence. In some instances, the victims have even had their photos shared online adding to their anguish. This campaign will not only offer the platform to share their story but will allow for them to receive the necessary support. It will also offer a means to spread awareness of the vice.