ZTE Devices to Ship With AVG Mobile Security Software Pre-installed


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Chinese company ZTE is one of the leading smartphone makers on the planet. All its mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) run on Android. Of coures Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. That comes with a big sense of responsibility. With many users, Android has been an easy target for spreading malicious software. There are quite a number of malware reports that will easily convince you that Android is one huge collection of malware. Google has always downplayed this since only a very small percentage of users (under 1%) ever get affected. According to Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Security Labs division, Android devices caught up with Windows laptops in terms of malware attack numbers in the second half of 2014.

Previously, the most obvious advice we would give is: stick to the Play Store, don’t install applications from third parties. Don’t connect to unfamiliar networks and devices. We will still tell you that today but from experience, the Play Store ain’t safe heaven as such. Some rogue developers have been known to sneak in applications with malicious code. Now if your security ain’t assured 100%, what do you need to do? Getting one of the many mobile security suites available on the Play Store sounds like a good idea then, right? Yes and no. You really don’t need an antivirus application on your Android smartphone. According to Google, only 0.15% of devices that only download applications from the Play Store were found to be having potentially harmful apps installed. However, if you’re the paranoid type and want to be at peace with yourself, ZTE thinks it will have your back.

ZTE is partnering with AVG Technologies, the makers of the popular AVG security software on mobile and desktop, to offer all buyers of its mobile devices a free AVG Antivirus Pro subscription. This is already happening for devices bought from last month (May). However, like we have seen before, this is actually a timed trial. AVG will want access to your credit or debit card as soon as a 60 day trial period is over. After the trial period, users who choose not to pay to keep the Pro subscription will instead be relegated to the AVG Antivirus Free application.

ZTE now joins the likes of Sony and LG who pre-load McAffee security software on their smartphones with a similar limited trial arrangement after which users can either pay to keep the premium subscription or be relegated to the basic free version of the application.

We hope that the AVG application won’t be a system app that users can’t uninstall as is always the case. If it’ll be that way then it’s another piece of malware that you’ll be getting with your swanky new ZTE Nubia or other device from ZTE you’ll be buying.