MaraMoja Piloting BodaBoda Hailing Service In Nairobi


MaraMoja Bikes A few months ago, we told you of MaraMoja, a Kenyan taxi hailing startup, seeking to get a slice of the taxi hailing business. The Kenyan segment has attracted big players including Uber, who are the well known player and Easy Taxi, whose origin is Brazil is well versed with the leanings of the developing world. Maramoja Application is available on Android, web and a mobile-optimized web app that works on iOS.  A user signs up to the service using their Facebook account which allows the service to tap into your network to identify your friend’s favorite drier or rider.

MaraMoja is now piloting a service that will allow users to hail BodaBoda (motor cycle taxi) services. The service operates the same way as does the taxi hailing service only that the user will first have to select the Boda Boda option. The pilot is taking place in Nairobi with a limited fleet of pilot Bodas located in Westlands, Lavington, Kilimani and CBD. MaraMoja plans to add other are as for the test before eventually launching the service.  The service is available on the web application with plans to launch the service on the web application.

MaraMoja prides itself of having built its business around trust. It will check the credentials of the boda boda drivers, license, insurance and deliver the same documents on the app once you opt to hail the Boda Boda. Just like with taxis, hailing a Boda Boda will involve you opening the app or logging onto the website, and turning location settings. The application will then help you identify the nearest Boda to your location. A user will have a choice to manually fills the details of their destinations as well as the phone number and request pick-up the location. The app will then notify you the name, show a photo of the rider, the Boda number plate. It will also show who in your Facebook network is a mutual friend of your rider.

The charges for the rider will be half the taxi prices with the specific prices for the journey showing based on whether they selected a Boda Boda. Commissions for Mara Moja will remain the same at 12%.