New York Stock Exchange Halts Trading Over Computer Snafu


NYSEToday, is the day of computer glitches. An hour ago, we told you of a computer glitch paralyzing the operations of US Airline company United. The computer glitch  affected the software that automates the companies operations leading to the grounding of 3,500 flights in  235 destinations within the United States and 138 International destinations.

A computer glitch has also led to the halting of trading at the New York Stock Exchange with all screens displaying a “No quotation” message.  The Exchange has since released a statement acknowledging the technical issue and saying they are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. A similar glitch happened in 2013, which was attributed to bots involved in gaming the market.

The exchange has since cancelled all open orders of the day. During the addition the leap second last week, similar glitches were expected in the Stock markets around the world as well as in the systems of major Airlines. Someone at Techweez has just suggested the effects of the same may be beginning to manifest themselves today.