Early Galaxy Note 5 Launch Rumoured


Galaxy Note 4 We have had several rumours before detailing Samsung’s plans to one-up Apple this year in the wake of slow sales from its struggling flagship duo of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The company is said to have overlooked the popularity of the latter as it thought most customers would go with the former which builds on the established path beaten by its predecessors.

To build on the popularity of the Galaxy S6 Edge and address the reported shortage of dual-curved displays that have led to the company failing to respond to the huge demand for the new smartphone model, it has built a new factory to supply the displays. Apparently, it is not looking to a new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (or whatever that device will be called) for redemption alone.

According to a new report off the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is likely to push back the release date of the Galaxy Note 5 from its usual pre-IFA launch in early September to sometime in August. This will enable the Korean electronics giant to be ready to ship the Note 5 way before Apple introduces its next batch of iPhones. Apple is likely to go with a September launch with pre-orders and availability in the market following shortly.

Last year, the Galaxy Note 4’s availability in the market happened around the same time as the iPhone 6’s launch and that ate into the former’s sales and while the Galaxy Note 4 remains every bit a desirable phone, it is yet to recover.

While we’re taking this news with a pinch of salt since it is hard to visualize Samsung going back on a tradition that goes back to the year 2011 when the first Galaxy Note was unveiled, it is also in line with what we’ve heard recently about the company’s plans to have something new in the market ahead of the next iPhones.