Letter Circulating on Social Media Shows the Dumb Side of University Student Leadership

Nairobi University

Nairobi UniversityThere is this letter allegedly written by the controversial University of Nairobi’s Student’s leader, “Babu Owino” that seeks to request President Barack Obama to visit University of Nairobi.

In the letter he writes “It saddens our hearts that President Barack Obama is not scheduled to visit the great UON or other Kenyan University”. That is not even the craziest part, “So far, at least 18 UON students have threatened to commit suicide if President Barrack Obama doesn’t visit YON. Also 31 female students have threatened to urinate on the tree President Obama planted in 2006, should he not visit the UON” he laments.

The letter then tones down the threats by “humbly requesting” the president to visit the campus and they will eagerly await his presence at their Hall where they are “willing to listen and constructively dialogue with President Barrack Obama at any time of day or night”.

Clearly Obama’s visit is literally causing higher than normal expectations which are frankly unattainable. The letter starts with threats but still has the element of begging for his visit. I’m sure Obama’s team coordinating the visit to the country has a properly planned visit where every itinerary or event was planned eons ago. In addition, the team holds all of the cards and you can’t argue with a person with a party that holds all of the leverage.

Will Obama’s team honour this letter that is circulating in social media today? That is a question which will be answered when he jets in for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that is slated to begin from July 24th.


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