Hootsuite Can Now help you Sort of Schedule your Instagram Posts


Hootsuite announces a scheduling tool for Instagram Unlike what we see on other social media sites, Instagram has a limitation where it doesn’t allow scheduling of posts on its site. This could be inconvenient for a brand using the platform since they have to manually post their content. Hootsuite has found a way around this pertinent problem.

Hootsuite, an app that is used for managing social media accounts on a dashboard, has released a number of YouTube videos that highlight how you can sort of schedule posts on Instagram with the tool.


As I highlighted before, you cannot use apps to schedule & post automatically your posts on Instagram. However, Hootsuite has decided to employ notifications where they remind you when to post your content.

First of all you need to connect your Instagram account with Hootsuite where afterwards, a pop up will request you if you want to setup Instagram publishing. Instagram publishing on Hootsuite involves composing & scheduling your posts, getting push notifications to your phone via the Hootsuite app to remind you when to post then login in to the app to complete publishing your content. To set up these push notifications, you need to go to settings in the app and navigate to the notifications menu and turn on these push notifications. A point to note is that you can only post your content only via the mobile Instagram apps.

This new feature by Hootsuite is suitable for those marketers or brands who would want to sort of automate content on their Instagram pages, but still Instagram should make this scheduling posts functionality easy for users & marketers in the future by baking it right in the app.