EA Sports FIFA Comes to Mobile in September


fifa celeb 1 For the many FIFA fans out there who sit with fidgeting  hands wondering when they can get home and play FIFA, EA Sports will launch its new football game EA Sports FIFA on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on 22nd September this year. EA says that the game will deliver stunning, console-quality, game play and Ultimate Team designed for mobile.

According to the developer’s website, EA Sports FIFA takes advantage of the increased power of new mobile devices, in order to deliver stunning console-quality game play. Fans will enjoy a wide variety of features from game play animations, full range of skills moves and even chose your celebrations after scoring.

It will be a free to play app with some in-app purchases. For control, you get a joystick on the left and a large, easy to use buttons on the right of your screen. Touch controls are  also easy to use and offer fans more natural game play options, for example if you are controlling a player, you can tap on another player to pass the ball  to, tap on the field for a through pass, or a swipe on the screen to direct a cross.

fifa control

Based on Ultimate Team mode, you can build and manage your squad. Besides playing in single player campaign mode, you can participate in live events like tournaments and dynamic accomplishments or challenge your friends online. Regular updates from EA will ensure that your game is kept fresh and exciting. Another amazing thing is that, there is no need to start from scratch every year, the game will keep going, with regular updates and you get to keep your players.

We will have more information on its features and its mobile experience once it is out, so keep a look out for that. If you love FIFA like I do, make sure to download the app once it comes out and see if it can hold off your FIFA cravings before you go home to your beloved console.

Source: EA Sports via Android Authority