Orange API Developer Challenge: Here Are The APIs You Are Expected To Use

orange API

orange APIAs we stated earlier, the Orange API Developer Challenge is here. This is an opportunity for developers and startups to take their services or products to the next level by integrating them with Orange APIs. For the challenge, Orange has allowed the use of the following APIs for integration with your product or service:

SMS Mobile Terminated (MT) + SMS Delivery Report (DR), after a SMS MT
SMS Mobile Originated
Billing API (ChargeAmount, ReserveAmount, ReserveAdditionalAmount, ChargeReservation, ReleaseResevation)

Additionally, candidates will be authorized to use any public Orange APIs or those from other providers, however they will only provide technical assistance for APIs provided for the challenge.
The idea of allowing developers ans startups to integrate APIs in their products and services is quite simple. Yes we can all agree that smart phone and data penetration has been on the rise in the African and Middle East region, but it is not widespread enough. This cuts off a large number of users who could potentially benefit from your product or service, especially when it is web or mobile based.
Orange has provided  set of tools (communication APIs) that can be used to reach target your population, regardless of the speed or the device -type of the user. For example, you can send SMS notifications to your users, build an USSD service easily or create an efficient billing model for your service or product.
Register for the challenge and move your product to the masses. September 15, 2015 is the submission deadline for idea proposals. Stand a chance to walk away with a variety of prices or even the grand global winner prize of 10,000 Euros.

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