Here are some of the best “Blood Moon” pictures that were posted on social media

blood moon

“Blood Moon” is a colloquial term  noted for a specific type of lunar eclipse where the moon appears to have a reddish hue. It has spawn various theories over centuries, mostly superstitious, but for astronomy lovers, it is a rare sight to behold.

The last time there was this sort of a lunar eclipse was in 1982 and this time around, it was slated to happen between September 27th and 28th. In Kenya, you were to watch the total lunar eclipse at around 5:47 am and it looked something like this:

Thanks to social media, you could be able to see what people posted about the Super Moon lunar eclipse from around the world. Twitter continued with its customized hashtags where  

Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Oslo tonight! #Eclipse #SuperMoon #BloodMoon #visitnorway

A photo posted by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on Sep 27, 2015 at 8:53pm PDT

On Facebook too, photos of the rare lunar eclipse were posted and you can be able to see them by searching using the #supermoon hashtag

The best photos that were taken were most definitely taken by DSLRs (high end professional cameras) and smartphone cameras are not upto task to take exceptional images. NASA decided to capitalize on the hype around the celestial event by announcing the Super blood moon photo contest where the winning photo will be displayed on their website and social media accounts. The next lunar eclipse like this is slated to happen in 2033 so make sure you’ll have a DSLR to take epic shots 18 years from now


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