Samsung to Draw the Curtains on its Milk Video Service



Samsung unveiled its own music streaming service, Milk Music, over a year and a half ago. The service has since been diversified to include videos under the Milk Video brand. However, Samsung seems to be pulling the plug on the video service which debuted just under a year ago.

Milk Video aggregated videos (mostly viral) from several sources including YouTube, Buzzfeed, Funny or Die and others that it thought its users would be interested with the end goal being bringing interesting things to watch on the web together under one roof.

A service announcement on the video service’s application page on the Google Play Store states that the service will stop operating on November 20th, 2015. Milk Music is however not going anywhere. the music streaming service will still be available to its users. Currently, the service is limited to users of Samsung’s premium smartphones in the United States and Samsung is yet to announce plans to expand its availability in other countries. Another Milk-branded app, Milk VR, seems to be safe too. At least for now.

Service Announcement

Thank you for using Samsung Milk Video. While we remain committed to providing premium entertainment services, we have decided to end support for the Samsung Milk Video app as of November 20, 2015.

To continue enjoying streaming entertainment, please use the Samsung Milk Music app

Samsung has recently pulled the plug on other services like WatchON and ChatON. ChatON went to meet its maker and it looks like the company is keen on using an established messaging platform, Telegram, for its future messaging needs. WatchON on the other hand currently lives on in the United States and Korea after it was discontinued internationally and future support in the two markets not forthcoming.


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