This Kickstarter Campaign Attempts to Revolutionize the Razor with Lasers

Skarp razor blade

Skarp razor blade

Skarp Technologies wants to reinvent the humble razor blade. The normal razor blade of course uses the normal stainless steel blades but the company wants to take the razor to the 21st century by showcasing one that uses lasers instead.

The Skarp razor, as they call it in their Kickstarter campaign has a laser that promises to cut hair without the usual irritation that is caused by the regular razors. “Shaving has been using the same technology for 5000 years, to make any real progress, we needed to take a radical new approach”  they say.

The design really looks simple yet modern. In order to be able to get one, backers had to pledge more than $139, which is quite pricey but it goes as high as $229 for specialized razors (X2) and $449 for the X4 model. Their initial goal on Kickstarter was $160,00 but the product seems to have aroused the interest of people and it has so far raised over $2.7 million with only 16 days to go which is impressive.

Skarp Technologies have hinted that there are challenges in mass producing the laser razor due to the “size of microcomponents” and unknown levels of fine tuning for automated production. They also talk about the issue of quality control in the delivery of key components that make the razor.

It is very bold that the company has decided to shake up the razor industry by incorporating lasers and a cool design and this is why the product has racked up quite a lot of interest on Kickstarter. It will also be interesting to see the response of other established companies thanks to the interest in this product? Is this a razor that you would buy?