Mixed Fortunes as Samsung Posts Q3 2015 Results, Smartphone Shipments Increase


samsungSamsung’s Q3 2015 financial results are in and as fate may have it, they a mixed bag. Really. The company’s woes in the smartphone market got a bit of a reprieve thanks to measures it took after disappointing Q2 results like releasing more budget smartphones and cutting the price of the Galaxy S6. That definitely played a big part in increasing smartphone shipments but it did not do much to return the company’s mobile division to profitability. For a consecutive quarter, the mobile division’s profits dipped despite registering increased revenues.

The company’s tablets did not fair any better either as things remained unchanged both in shipments and revenues and Samsung expects a change of fortunes in Q4 and the coming year as it continues pushing to the market its Galaxy Tab A and Tab S line of tablets.

Samsung Electronic’s overall results (51.68 trillion Korean won in revenues and 7.39 trillion won in operating profit) were boosted by its semiconductor division which supplies the likes of Apple with the chips in its best-selling iPhones alongside Taiwanese company TSMC which recorded 3.66 trillion Korean won in operating profit. Those same (and others) customers also boosted the earnings of the Display Panel division by purchasing a large chunk of the company’s OLED panels for use on devices like smartphones enabling it to register an operating profit of 930 billion Korean won despite fledgling sales of LCD panels.

Samsung is counting on several factors to increase its profits in Q4 and the coming year. An accelerated rollout of its mobile payments service, Samsung Pay in Q4 and beyond and the Olympics and Euro2016 tournaments in the coming year to drive sales of its televisions.


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