Don’t Miss Out! The Intel Developer Champs Re-Loaded Challenge is Here For You


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The What

Developers listen up! The Intel Developer Champs Re-Loaded challenge is here for you.  This is a loyalty program that is run on an online page where developers are invited to take on different challenges. The objective of the program is to drive 2015 objectives across Android, Internet of Things and RealSense Technology around unique visitors, repeat visitors and developers trained.

As a developer, this is your chance to take on different challenges based around  ‘technology for tomorrow’ and earn points by completing and submitting each challenge. The challenges include:

  • Android
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • RealSense Technology
  • Tools Download
  • Test Apps on Test Droid
  • Download of SDK’s
  • Videos

The How

Clearly this involves using cutting edge technology in your application development which is of course an advantage for the applications that you present to the world. Here is how you can take part in this challenge:

  1. Visit to register for the challenge. You will be asked to provide your full name, country of residence, email address, mobile number and institution.
  2. You can earn points by completing different challenges. Some challenges might include checking code, submitting your applications, content, profile and sample code, review of a slideshow or watching a video.
  3. Points will be awarded and accumulated for different types of challenges.
  4. You can only redeem earned points to order prizes. You will be notified about prizes availability and delivery options via email after placing an order.
  5. All earned points may have an expiration date after which points cannot be redeemed on prizes. Prizes and points are only associated to the registered participant for having completed challenges and cannot be transferred.

The Prizes

Other than the obvious learning opportunity that you get by completing and submitting the mentioned challenges, you are eligible to receive one of the following prizes based on the points you redeemed, which are to be sent to the mailing address that you provide. The prizes include:

Asus Fonepads, Intel Power Bank, Intel 15 inch laptop back pack, Intel Hoody, Intel Yarn effect tee, Intel Transparent bottle, Intel Two Tone cap, Intel Zipped laptop sleeve, Intel Matte Finish Car Mug, Intel Frosted Glass Matt, Intel Pen Set, Intel Recycled notebook.

You should note that the prizes are not transferable and cash alternatives will not be available. Prizes will also be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

The When

The offer is only valid from 6th of November 2015 12.00 GMT and will expire at 11.59 p.m GMT on December 31st 2015, or when all the promotional giveaways available for country residents have been distributed, whichever comes first. If I were you, I’d get a move on and register quickly to be part of this amazing challenge.

Register here and take your app development to global level, with Intel by your side.


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