Leaked Document Details Android Marshmallow Upgrade Plans for Samsung Devices



Samsung is not usually one of the most straightforward device manufacturers when it comes to giving details of when it is planning to update its devices. The same has been the story year after year and users and watchers alike are accustomed to getting such information through leaks. One such leak, thanks to The Times UK, appears to reveal what the company has in store for users of its devices as far as making the jump to Android 6.0, Marshmallow, goes.

As expected, it is Samsung’s latest high-end devices like the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 that will be on the frontline while older devices like the Galaxy S5 will have to wait a little longer. Devices in Samsung’s Galaxy A and E smartphone ranges are also expected to get Marshmallow treatment even though when that will happen is yet to be revealed.


Unlike previously when the company has taken its sweet time to provide updates even to its latest and greatest devices, there is evidence that Samsung is on course to keeping its word on this one though. A user has recently confirmed accidentally receiving the Android 6.0 update on their Galaxy Note 5 while applications like S Health have already been updated in readiness for the Marshmallow treat.


Only 0.3% of all Android devices are running Android 6.0 as per data from Google. Other than the new Nexus smartphones which were the first devices to have Marshmallow, only eligible Nexus devices, HTC’s Apple-copycat A9 and a few other devices have received the update with a majority still on Lollipop and older versions.


Android Marshmallow brings with it a couple of features including the ability to have users control what applications can and cannot access on their devices, native support for fingerprint sensors and Doze, a feature that seeks to harmonize battery consumption and guarantee longer device up times.