Samsung Already Testing Successor to Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5


While 2015 was mainly turbulent for the biggest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung, as sales of its premium smartphones didn’t yield as many returns as had been expected, its mid-range smartphones did well. Part of the reason for the success of Samsung’s mid-range smartphones was that they offered desirable features at considerable prices.

The Galaxy J lineup was largely responsible for this. The lineup which mainly boasts of low-end devices like the Galaxy J1 saw some new mid-range devices introduced as well. These were the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7. We laid our hands on the two devices last year when they became available in Kenya and loved them. Barely 6 months later, Samsung is already working on at least a successor to one of them, the Galaxy J5.

According to a listing on Indian logistics portal Zauba, Samsung has already flown into the country what is expected to be the 2016 edition of the Galaxy J5 for testing. The model number, SM-J510, is in line with the SM-J500 model number of the current Galaxy J5 smartphone.

While this obviously confirms that the successor to the Galaxy J5 as we know it at the moment exists, it may be a while before we actually see the device. Probably some time after the buzz on the upcoming Galaxy S7 family has died down after its expected launch next month. Samsung has already introduced into the market the 2016 Galaxy A smartphone family. The Galaxy A is Samsung’s upper mid-range smartphone lineup.


Via Sammobile