[Video] Watch the crazy traffic an Instagram account with 8M followers gets

Instagram likes

Instagram likes

Most of the social networks we have today have push notifications functionality baked in their respective apps so that you may not miss any event that goes on your profile or in the network you have set up. The frequency of these updates depends on how popular an account is, generally a more popular account has a busier notification panel than a not-so-popular one.

You may have seen accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who get lots of likes on Instagram and imagined the horror when they switch on their data and get bombarded by thousands of likes. Surely, an account with a million plus followers should be worse. Yeah? Of course! Take a look at this!

The first thing you notice is how incredibly “noisy” the push notification is. Demy de Zeeuw has an incredibly popular football related Instagram account that has an impressive 8 million followers which gets an average of 200,000 likes per post and thousands of comments. That is one account where you just post something and switch off your phone due to the sheer number of traffic that will be generated by the account.

The traffic from the account sure looks mind-blowing before you remember that it pales in comparison the likes of the Kardashian sisters, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift ( who in fact has over 62 million followers on Instagram). These accounts easily get over a million likes per post complete with comments in their tens of thousands so the push notifications are way crazier. Time to be content with your account with a moderate amount of traffic don’t you think?