Leaked Document Allegedly Reveals Samsung’s Android Marshmallow Upgrade Schedule



While it is no secret that Samsung has been testing its upcoming Android 6.0 update on several of its high-end Galaxy smartphones like the Galaxy S5, we don’t know so much about the company’s overall plans. Since Samsung has quite a number of premium devices in its portfolio from the last two years that are eligible for the Marshmallow update bearing in mind its traditional 2-year support window, some are skeptical about how soon the update will land on their devices. Android OEMs generally don’t have a good track record of honouring their promises to update devices and Samsung isn’t any different.

A new document unearthed by the folks at Mobipicker purports to have the exact timelines of when users can expect Android Marshmallow to hit their devices. The Galaxy S6, last year’s flagship Samsung smartphone, and its siblings like the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ will be getting the update between February and March this year. Another device from last year, the Galaxy Note 5, is also earmarked for an update to Android 6.0 at around the same time.

2014 devices like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge will be getting the update between March and April. This will likely be after Samsung has unveiled its upcoming Galaxy S7 and readying to introduce it in most markets around the world.


While we all tend to be apprehensive about updates on our devices, more so major ones that involve a change in the Android version number, until confirmed, this piece of news means absolutely nothing. Anything can change. A similar document surfaced a while back only for it to be discredited by Samsung executives a few days later.