Banter: LG Trolls Samsung Over its Smartphones’ Non-Removable Batteries



One of the most controversial decisions that Samsung made last year was doing away with removable batteries and expandable memory in its high-end smartphones. The Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and other premium smartphones that followed it like the S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 all arrived without the two features.

Yesterday, Samsung Mobile was all over Twitter touting the fast-charging capabilities of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ when LG interrupted to remind it that the battery in the S6 Edge+ was still not removable. It also took the opportunity to market ist V10 smartphone by providing a link to its product page.

While LG’s response on Twitter makes for a good laugh, it should not be lost on anyone that its V10’s battery life is not considered to be any superior to that of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Several testers and users have often pointed out to the V10’s battery as one of its weak points. To its credit though, it not only has fast-charging which Samsung’s phones also have but is, well, removable. Owners of the V10 can keep a spare unit around or even get those bulky extenders from the likes of ZeroLemon and others without batting an eye.