Self Confessed Avocado Fanatic Creates Website to net Valentine’s Date


You know, it is that time of the year when love is in the air  and cupid is busy randomly shooting his laced arrows to people. Valentine is in 6 days and people all over the world are making plans to make that day special. Companies in the leisure industry have noticed over the years the seriousness people give this day and have come up with packages for couples.

Valentine’s Day is surely a riot and this has made a guy who goes by the name Kiki to develop a website to get himself a valentine date. It is quite well designed and it starts with a small introduction “Hi, my name is Kiki and I need a bae. Valentines day is almost here, and I’m looking for love.” He signs it off with a hashtag #bae4kiki and a button for getting in touch with him.

Scrolling down the website reveals another section “About Me” where he reveals as an avocado fan (They are everywhere) “I’m an unemployed software developer with a passion for avocados” he says, “I know this will be a turn off to many but I have no beard. This is despite al my efforts in prayer, fasting, chemical treatments and sowing seeds”

On the website, Kiki has encouraged every single lady to contact him and to share this message through the social networks he has embedded on the website (Twitter and Facebook). There is also a countdown clock to Valentine’s day with a caption that says “Time is running out for me :(”

We can only take this as a social experiment and if Kiki is lucky, that could be an opening for getting dates online. Who needs Tinder anyway if you can build your own?

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