Samsung Galaxy Edge Smartphones Get New Uses for The Extra Curved Screen


Galaxy S6 Edge black

In 2015, Samsung built on its efforts to bring to the market curved display devices by unveiling the Galaxy S6 Edge early in the year and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ later on to build on the momentum of the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge. While Samsung was lauded for the innovation behind the curved displays, there was little in the way of software customizations for their use cases. For some users the extra screen real estate as a result of the curve was more gimmicky than useful while others actually found the little they could do with it fun. That is slowly changing.

Samsung started rolling out the Android 6.0 update for its Galaxy S6 early today and part of the noticeable changes users of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will notice is new use cases for their curved edge displays.


The dual-edge screen feature that previously allowed users to pin their favourite applications on the side for quick access has received an upgrade. Instead of the 260 pixels that users were limited to, now they can stretch that to at least 550 pixels. That means more room for more content to be displayed.

Apps edge and People’s edge, two features that already existed, have also received a much-needed upgrade. Users will now be able to view a pinned contact’s full name directly below their profile image when they click on it. Thanks to increase in space, users can now pin up to 10 applications on the edge display, up from 5 previously. They can also group similar applications into folders.


A new feature, Tasks edge, has been incorporated. It allows users to add shortcuts to things they access more often like creating events in the calendar application, creating a text message, setting an alarm or even firing up the flashlight.

The update is currently rolling in various regions around the world and may not be immediately available to some users.

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