This pun-filled website wants you to help Kenya and not Kanye

help kenya but not kanye

help kenya but not kanye

Kanye West has been on a tweeting spree before he launched his new album over  a week ago. It featured random thoughts, twitter rants, tweefs with other celebrities and surprising revelations about his personal life. One of the revelations is that he had a $53 million dollar debt which surprised many since his networth is estimated to be almost thrice that.

We even saw a pledge being made to help Kanye pay up his “debt” where so far in 7 days, it has only managed to raise $7,987 from 817 donations out which is way below the goal. However, someone had an idea of diverting all that attention from Kanye to Kenya instead.

This actually made one Gabriel Ferrer to create a website that uses puns to try avert the attention Kanye created about his debt to helping Kenya instead. The website is styled using his latest album (Life of Pablo) theme colours and the background pictures have Kanye’s face and Kenya’s map. There are 10 sections on the website with a different subject and a link to donate to a specific organization.

Kenya > Kanye


Life of Many > The Life of Pablo


Books > Boosts




Famine > Fashion


Beasts > Beats


H20 > H2 the Izzo


Shingles> Singles


Condoms > Concerts


Easy > Yeezy


When you click on the tabs below the writing, you will be redirected to several websites of agencies that are in the humanitarian sector. These agencies include Kenya Aid, Save The Children, UNICEF, One Child’s Village, African Wildlife Foundation, The Tap Water Project, Habitat for Humanity Kenya and Just Give.

Check out the website here.