ICT Authority of Kenya asks entrepreneurs to Apply for the 2016 ICT Innovation Awards


Connected summit

The ICT Authority of Kenya holds the annual Connected Kenya summit to chart the way forward for the ICT industry in Kenya. The Connected Summit 2016 will be held between March 23-26 2016 under the theme of bridging the services gap. The conference has grown from 60 attendees in 2009 to over 400 attendees in 2013, the conference aims to grow from a national event to a regional one as happened last year.

One of the main attractions of the Connected Summit is the ICT Innovation Awards. The awards, which begun in 2011 seek to reward Kenyan entrepreneurs who launch a new service or ICT products. Entrepreneurs have until March 7th to submit their innovations for a chance to win. Entrepreneurs can submit their awards on connected.go.ke/awards. 

The application process will ask the entrepreneur for contact information, information on the company as well as the product and service. They will also be required to submit information on the impact of the product to the community as well as the challenges. Entrepreneurs will finally need to input supporting documents and approvals for the same.


The companies must be officially registered in Kenya to participate. The product must also be in use for at least six months. The product must also have Kenyan citizens as end user or can be delivered through a third party company or organisation and importantly must address at least one vision 2030 social economic pillar.  Go right ahead and submit!