This Movie Search Engine Can Tell What Movie You’re Looking For Using a Line From the Movie



You can say it is the Shazam of video. describes itself as the “first descriptive movie search engine”.

Have you ever tried recalling that movie you watched at your friend’s house a couple of years ago to no avail? is your solution.

The service, fronted by Finnish startup Valossa, uses a combination of natural language processing and pattern recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse video streams and video files so that it can immediately return relevant results when you feed a line from a movie. It identifies various concepts in the movies like places, objects, people etc.

Queries can be made by way of voice or directly typing text into the search bar.

The service is currently in its infancy so it may not get some things right but when it works, it really works. For instance searching for “ship strikes iceberg sinks” will lead to several movies like Ghosts of the Abyss, Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N., Titanic and its various remakes – what I actually intended to find, being returned. Searching for “Vin Diesel Abu Dhabi” correctly returns Furious 7 as the top find.

The service has already indexed data from over 40,000 movies and only English language movies are searchable.