Instagram for Web has been updated yet again


Instagram for Web

Instagram is on a roll this past week. We have been lamenting how web apps are usually neglected when compared to the Android or iOS mobile apps but Instagram has been bucking the curve. Just 6 days ago, they updated the web app with a notification button and now they have added another one.

When you login to the Instagram web page, you will discover that they have added the Explore button. Before you retort, on the mobile app, the explore button houses the search bar where you can search for people, locations or hashtags. Instagram decided to make it a bit different on the web where they updated it first with the search bar which is at the middle and later on brought the Explore button which now allows you to search for people.

Instagram people button

The button is now positioned on the right side of the page adjacent to the newly added notifications button and the now “old” profile button. When you tap on it, it loads a suggested list of people you may want to follow which includes a carousel of their latest posts on the account. The generated list is rather accurate and you may argue it borrows the list from your Facebook account so that the list only matters to you.

The move to quickly update the web interface means that Instagram does not want to you completely ignore it and wants people to actively use it. Instagram for Web still has that limitation where you cannot upload a photo but judging by the current rate, it might be added in the future.

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