A Kenyan has started a Kickstarter project to fund a sheep leather sneaker line

Afro sneakers kickstarter
IMG Credit: Kickstarter
Afro sneakers kickstarter
IMG Credit: Kickstarter project- Afrosneakers

Kickstarter is the perfect place to find cool stuff that companies or individuals want to raise money so as to make them a reality. We have seen successful Kickstarter campaigns like the Pebble watch campaign and the gaming console Ouya. According to Kickstarter, there are over 293,000 launched projects which raised 2.32 billion dollars where close to 11 million backers have backed the several projects in the community.

In short, Kickstarter is a place to fund your dream and this next project is being pursued by a Kenyan. The project name? Nyala Sneaker Collection and it was launched by Emo Rugene.

The 4 minute 30 second long video expresses his need to launch the Nyala Sneaker Connection which he describes as an “Inter-city” shoe inspired by Nairobi, Berlin and Addis Ababa.  There are 3 variants of the Nyala sneaker collection and they look pretty awesome.

According to the project details, it was launched on April 14th and has several different pledges. The lowest amount you can pledge is 5 Euros which you will receive an online postcard and the highest pledge is the 990 Euro pledge which will give you the family pack bundle that includes 10 sneakers and 10 phone covers. The most popular pledge was the 90 Euro one with a limit of 30 backers where you will get a pair of sneakers of your choice.

The goal of the Afrosneaker project is 35,000 Euros which will expire on 29th May. Currently the project has attracted 47 backers who have raised 5,450 Euros. We have seen projects that exceed their goal and it would be interesting to see if they will reach their target backing on Kickstarter.