Viber now has end-to-end encryption and a way to hide messages from nosy people

viber end to end encryption

viber end to end encryption

The issue of privacy in the social networking apps has become a raging debate and it has led to these companies adding measures to ensure that their users feel safe on their platforms. One of the ways to make them feel safe is by making sure their chats are not intercepted by any third party and that has been the trend for the last couple of months.

Viber is now the latest platform to announce end-to-end encryption on their platform. As you know end to end encryption means that the chats are secured on both your end and of the recipient. “We have been working on this for a long time and proud that our users can confidently use Viber without fear of their messages being intercepted” the company assured users on their blog.

The company advises you to update to the latest version of Viber to get this added security where you will be notified your chats are now encrypted. They have also added user level control where you can manually authenticate contacts in your list as “trusted” which will change the lock colour to green. If the lock colour is red, it means that the chat can be intercepted by a “middle man” or probably the recipient changed their phone which had the cryptographic key needed to prove verification.

That is not all, Viber has also introduced Hidden Chats which is an interesting feature on its own. This is geared specifically if you want to hide certain conversations in your Viber list from people if you share a device. These “Hidden chat are secured with a PIN and will need it to view them again.

In the case of end-to-end encryption, this will be employed in one on one or group chats and calls across the various platforms Viber is in (mobile, tablet or desktop). They will roll out this feature globally in the next couple of weeks so if you are a Viber user, this is a more than welcome update.