Instagram Will Translate Posts For You


Instagram recently reached a new milestone where they surpassed the 500 million active user mark. This is big for the company and since the ecosystem is more diverse than ever, it needs to solve the language barrier which is one of the biggest hurdles for any social network.

To solve this pertinent issue, Instagram announced that they will roll out a translation button for posts and profiles which were written in language that is different from your own. The whole process will be automatic for . When you see a post that was typed in a different language, you only need to tap “See translation” to view the translation.

You may have several questions about this like why are some languages not autocratically translated or how do you change your default language on Instagram. Well, Instagram cleared all that where they said that if you are unable to see a translation to a post, the language is not currently supported. In addition, it could be related to the age of the post where apparently translations of older posts and comments may not appear. The default language for Instagram is the one your phone uses and if you want to change it, Instagram describes it over here. Currently, Instagram supports 23 languages spread across the various continents from the classic English to Chinese and other specific ones like Afrikaans.



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