Safaricom Leads in Mobile Data Market Share as Internet Users in Kenya Surge


The Communications Authority of Kenya has released Q3 sector results. According to the report, the number of internet subscribers grew by 3.8% to 24.8 Million from 23.9 Million the previous quarter. This growth was as a result of growth in mobile internet subscriptions. Other factors included the expansion of 3G coverage by most mobile subscribers as well as the increased use of social networks by most Kenyans.

The number of Internet users grew from 35.5 million users reported last quarter to reach 37.4 million users during the quarter under review. This translated to Internet penetration levels of 87.2 percent during the period under review. Now, the total internet user figures represent the total number of mobile subs, fixed, satellite among other offerings. It is important to note the figure given for internet users  relies on the methodology provided by the ITU. This, of course, means there are chances of double counting in this data.

Mobile data took pole position with the number of subscriptions who rose to 24.7 million up from 23.7 million posted during the previous quarter representing growth of 3.8%. In terms of market share, Safaricom retained its top position despite witnessing a decline of 2.2% to stand at 60.8%. Airtel gained 3.1% points to 21.1Z% market share while Orange lost 2.8% market share to 11.2%. Equity Bank’s Equitel grew its market share to 6.8% from 5%.

Terrestrial wireless data subscriptions declined by 29.3%  to stand at 13,792 down from 19,507 subscriptions. Satellite subscriptions also declined by 38.9% to record 299 subscriptions down from 489 subscriptions recorded during the previous period. The growth in fibre optic subscriptions has remained steady over time with the quarter under review registering 122,437 subscriptions up from 111,354 subscriptions recorded in the last quarter marking an increase of 9.9%.

Fixed DSL subscriptions maintained a downward trend during the period under review to post 2,961 down from 3,732 subscriptions posted during the previous period. Broadband subscriptions grew by 26.3 per cent to reach 7.9 million up from 7.2 million subscriptions recorded during the previous quarter. This translated into broadband penetration levels of 18.6.


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